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contoh dialogues bahasa inggris

Contoh dialog Meminta dan memberi kepastian, Mengungkapkan dan menanggapi keraguan, dan Meminta pengulangan

Hasil gambar untuk contoh gambar kartun dua orang berdialog

Ratih      : Hi Nifa
Nifa        : Oh Hi Ratih, where are you going ?
Ratih      : Well’  I’m going to the internet cafe.
Nifa        : Sounds great. Hm...Ratih do you mind if I go with you ?
Ratih      : Not at all. But I’ll be there a while all right.
Nifa        : No probelem.
Nifa        : OK lets go.

Cici         : Hi Dea..
Dea         : Hi too Cici...where are you going?
Cici         : I’m going to the market.
Dea         : Sound’s great. Umm..Cici ..Do you mind if I go with you ?
Cici         : Not at all. But I’m during a long time in market, because I want to buy many vegetable.
Dea         : Oh.  No problem. I wan’t to accompany you..
Cici         : Thank you Dea. OK lets go.

Putri       : Hi Ani
Ani         :Hi Putri
Putri       :I want to give you a chocolate
Ani         :I’m not sure about it, it’s expensive !
Putri       :It’s all right
Ani         : I’m sorry
Putri       :No problem

Bayu      :What a beautiful painting!
A paiter  :Do you like it ?
Bayu      :I do, sir it’s fabulous !
A paiter  :Thank you
Bayu      :Hm.. is this you work, sir ?
A paiter   :Right. This is one of my works. And you see the painting over there, the landscape. What       do you say ?
Bayu      :That one? That’s great ! it looks so rel sir.
A paiter  :Thank you

Puja       :Hi Angel, I want to say something.
Angel     : Hi Puja, What did you discuss?
Puja       :Tomorrow is the due datte four our assigment.
Angel    :I’m sorry. What did you say ?
Puja       :I said. Tomorrow is the due datte four our assigment.
Angel    :Yes, you are right. But I’m not sure I can submit it tomorrow. I have lots of jobs to do. How   about  you ?
Puja       :Well, I’m sorry. I submit  it tomorrow.
Angel    :OK.

Tourist  :What a beautiful dance !. What your poeple call that dance ?
A guide :The dance is called Tari Pendet.
Tourist  :What the dance mean ?
A guide :The dance symbolize reception of down of god to eart.
Tourist  :What is the purpose of the dance to day ?
A guide :To day it has purpose celebrating feact.
Tourist  :Wow amazing !

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